Immuno-oncology deals on the rise

August 26, 2014 Erin Righetti

shutterstock_200939891Today, another immuno-oncology deal was announced.  Today’s partnership is between Pfizer and Merck.  According to Fierce Biotech, Pfizer will be in charge of the Phase Ib study which will begin sometime next year.

Announcements on partnering in immuno-oncology have fast and frequent lately, not limited to the deals between Pfizer and Merck.  Funding for immuno-oncology has also increased.

Other large Pharma companies have also announced partnerships with companies that focus on this topic – including Genentech and Kyowa Hakko Kirin.  They’re combining forces to test the safety of the combination of anti-CCR4 antibody, mogamulizumab (toxic to lukemia cells but problematic with large doses), with AstraZeneca’s MEDI-4736 also according to Fierce Biotech.

Funding is also flooding into the market – including an investment of $21.5 million to Biotech startup Enumeral Biomedical  for pre-clinical discovery of oncology treatments.  They have unique methods to irrogate human cells and are looking for partners to help them harness these unique opportunities according to Fierce Biotech.

This past June, MorphoSys and Merck Serono announced their partnership to develop therapeutic antibodies against immune check points focusing on working with the body to automatically fight tumors.  Find out more about that partnership here.

This November 3-5 in Frankfurt, Germany, Immuno-Oncology partnerships are poised to be one of the hottest topics at BIO-Europe®.  Are you looking to partner in the field?  Find out more from the people who have developed these partnerships? Join us in Frankfurt.  Visit the webpage to find out who will be joining us.

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