InflaRX CEO highlights pipeline goals

December 16, 2016 Christoph Graener


Niels Riedemann, founder and CEO of InflaRX, speaks to Lucie Ellis, senior writer at Scrip, about the company's pipeline candidates, upcoming development targets, and long-term goals. 
InflaRX is developing highly specific monoclonal antibodies targeting activation products of the complement system and has made breakthrough discoveries in anti-C5a antibody generation, resulting in a new class of antibodies. The company's anti-complement technology is the basis for a pipeline of new antibodies addressing a broad variety of inflammatory diseases – its lead product is currently in Phase II in patients undergoing complex cardiac surgery.



Interviewer: Lucie Ellis – Senior Writer, Pharma Intelligence In Vivo/Pink Sheet/Scrip
Interviewee: Niels Riedemann – Founder and CEO, InflaRX


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