Recursion Pharmaceuticals: Innovative alternative to drug discovery

January 23, 2015 Erin Righetti

Investment in biotech companies is increasing.  A recent article at Drug Discovery and Development shares that biotech investing was up 26% at the beginning of 2014 which equaled $2.93 billion. Many believe it is because investments are shifting from digital to problems that need to be solved on a world wide basis.  One of the most innovative, pharmaceutical focused companies on the list is Recursion Pharmaceuticals.  They have an alternative outlook to discovering treatments for rare diseases.  

Instead of developing drugs from scratch and taking them through the drug discovery and testing process, they look to drugs that have already been tested and not made it to the market for their originally intended disease target.  Founders takes these properties and turns around and tests drugs on diseased cells to hopefully find alternative uses for the compounds.  To track the compounds, they use a software developed at the Broad Institute to track cellular change – a method far more reliable than tracking changes by hand.  This method allows them to test many drugs at a time.  They have set a high – yet achievable – goal of developing 100 drugs in 10 years.  Medical Express has more about their innovative solution to finding new drugs that work here.

Find out more about their research here:

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