Report findings provide insight into technological innovations and trends in drug development

April 18, 2017

Knect365 Life Sciences has released a report offering unique insights into the awareness, perceptions and implementation of technological innovations in the drug development industry.

Based on a survey of their global database and 261 responses representing pharma, CROs and service providers split across North America, Europe and Asia, the report focuses on big data, cloud technology for EMRs, mHealth and patient-centricity.

The fascinating results provide a ‘state of the industry’ look at where these technologies are and where they are going, allowing professionals in the health sciences industry to better anticipate changes in their workplace.

The study found the primary benefit of big data to be increased efficiencies with the primary concern being cost of implementation. Big data practices are currently being utilized by nearly half of the industry, yet respondents in this survey indicate the quality of training received is only average (3.07 on a 5.0 scale).

Greater patient engagement and more successful patient recruitment are the top two benefits from implementation of patient-centric practices, yet cost is cited as the primary hindrance and/or concern regarding implementation. The most common ways to measure patient-centricity are patient engagement metrics and qualitative patient feedback.

Cloud technology for EMRs and mHealth technologies are still growing in their adoption by the industry, and it seems that data security concerns is the top obstacle to overcome. Respondents indicate that cloud technology for EMRs will have the greatest effect on increasing efficiencies while mHealth technologies allow real-time data acquisition and increased patient compliance.


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