#BEU14: Top Trends from Day 1

November 4, 2014 Erin Righetti

BIO-Europe® kicked off it’s 20th year yesterday with an exercise to make the perfect pitch to investors, patent laws, translational medicine and an all star panel of drug discover leaders from Merck Serono, Sanofi and Bayer HealthCare.  Other hot topics of the day included patents, diabetes care and personalized medicine.

What were some of the top things we learned on Day 1?

  1. Shahnaz Irani, Principal, Spruson & Ferguson, shares that Australia is a place where companies are coming to begin the synchronization of their patent rights. Part of the appeal of coming to this country this country is their unique patent laws including a 20 year term in patents and have a 5 year window for data exclusivity.

    BIO-Europe Keynote  Panel

    Panelists from the “Biopharma strategy: More focus, more value?” session on Monday, November 4.

  2. Gustavo de Freitas Morais, Partner at Dannemann Siemsen, shares that obtaining patents in Brazil is a unique process. It often takes 12-14 years for one to be granted. If the process in the country takes more than 10 years, a company is granted a 10 year period of exclusivity. Current funding in Brazil is very little. Most funding currently comes from Brazilian Development Bank as well as the Sao Paulo government.
  3. Canada is a region connected to both the United States and Mexico, yet have fewer people so it is a springboard market into the United States and Mexico.
  4. From David Thomas, the Director of Industry Research and Analysis at Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), we learned that this year has seen the highest number of IPO biotech – 73. It’s also the sixth consecutive year where we’re seeing large biotechs post double digit gains.
  5. In his keynote presntation, Andreas Busch, Member, Executive Committee; Head, Global Drug Discovery, Bayer HealthCare, shared that they’ve crafted a wide number of possibilities to connect with the those innovating outside of their walls. They have programs such as Grants4Targets, Grants4Leads, and Grants4Apps specially designed to reach the audience they want to be connected with.  He also shares that great assets make great franchises. Great franchises don’t necessarily make great compounds.
  6. According to David Loew, the Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, Europe in Sanofi, To influence the European start up biotech environment, three things need to be catered to create a dynamic environment of success: governance, culture and creation of hubs.
  7. Jochen Maas, the General Manager, R&D Germany, Sanofi-Aventis, in the session Late stage complications in diabetes asked the panelists, all working on various aspects of diabetes treatment, asked if we’ve truly found and understand the patients we’re dealing with. And with our growing knowledge of biomarkers, hopefully, we can identify patients before they develop many of the symptoms.
  8. Rachel B. Cervantes, the Director of Business Development, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, shares that many deals are happening sooner and at a higher price points. This allows her company and the partner company solid details around IP and exclusivity so that the base company can continue to grow their compounds past Phase I and Phase II.
  9. Mohamed Ragab, the Vice President of Search and Evaluation, Oncology at Bristol-Myers Squibb shares that when investing, BMS looks at the science. Then the R&D and Commercial teams come to a consensus as to what they need from and when they need a deal and allow the science to dictate where the money goes.

Our keynote session “Biopharma strategy: More focus, more value?” is also now available to watch on partnering360®. Watch it here.


BEU 2014 Keynote


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