Biolatam® 2015: Working together to position Chile’s biotechnology industry in the international arena

October 1, 2015 Guest Contributor

Jennyfer Salvo -ProChileGuest post by Jennyfer Salvo, Assistant Director of Marketing, Communications and Brands, ProChile

Five years ago, the emerging development of Chile’s biotechnology industry motivated the Chilean Association of Biotechnology Companies (Asembio) to propose a project whereby, with the support of ProChile, they could publicize the sector’s achievements and promote its development and exchange with external markets, particularly in North America.


The result was “Chile Biotech,” a sector-specific brand that has contributed to promoting Chile’s image by positioning this highly sophisticated industry and its world-class human capital at the international level. The research conducted in this field also supports the growth of other key productive sectors for Chile, including forestry, aquaculture, agriculture, and mining.


This public-private partnership represented by ProChile and Asembio has sought to position Chile as an attractive place to develop and export biotechnology products to the United States, which is a leading market in the sector, representing over USD 400 billion. This has in turn led to the emergence of new investment opportunities in Chile.


To achieve its objectives, “Chile Biotech” has focused its work on facilitating meetings between Chilean and foreign businesses. The brand has been present at various trade fairs and international innovation roundtables, thereby enabling direct contact and the possibility of creating alliances with potential importers or investors.


In line with this strategy, Asembio through “Chile Biotech” together with its Spanish counterpart, Asebio, is one of the organizers of Biolatam® 2015. This is the largest biotechnology meeting in Latin America, and the next event will take place in Santiago in November of this year. blt15_banner_220x136 (1)


At ProChile, as the institution responsible for promoting Chile’s exports, we believe that international events of this type should be supported by and developed in partnership with the private sector, as they are an excellent opportunity to show that Chile is a serious, reliable country that offers room for competitive experimentation in biotechnologies that add value to different global industries.


Events like Biolatam also allow us to demonstrate that Chile is capable of developing world-class science through the talent and quality of our scientists, our biodiversity, including the local microclimates and natural barriers to disease, and our global connectedness, which facilitates the development of business networks. All of this takes place in a context of political, economic, and social stability and significant public investment in both business development and innovation.


We want Chile to strengthen relationships with the countries which, according to OECD figures for 2013, are home to the largest number of biotechnology companies in the world, such as the US (7,970), Spain (3,025), and France (1,481). We also hope that Chile will take the opportunity presented by this major event to establish links with other Latin American countries that have made progress in this field.


Both the public and private sectors of Chile are committed to the international development of this industry. Through “Chile Biotech” we are working hard to ensure that Biolatam 2015 will bring together hundreds of American and European companies and entities, thereby opening up potential markets to Chile’s biotechnology industry and generating investments and technological collaboration.


Find out more about Biolatam® 2015 and register now.


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