Build or buy?

March 30, 2016 p360

Community Builder tool

Build or buy? An easy choice


Let’s be honest. You can probably build an online platform for your membership community. The technology, tools and knowhow are widely available. If you have the budget and time to build from scratch, this is certainly an option. But, before you rev up your development team, consider this:  Online community engagement platforms succeed or fail based on their access to relevant, updated profiles. In other words, the value is in the user data.


Achieving this is simple, right? No, not really. You can’t imagine the number of engagement platforms that have flamed out due to lack of high quality profile data, which in turn drives usage. Take it from us, we’ve managed all of these dynamics in developing and launching partnering360®, which brings me to the larger point. Using partnering360 as the foundation of your online member community bypasses common points of failure because:


  1. Your members are already on partnering360
  2. Your members have continually updated, self-curated profiles on partnering360
  3. Your members are already comfortable—or expert—at using partnering360; and
  4. We’ve designed and developed a specialized application within partnering360 to meet the explicit needs of associations. We call it Community Builder.


When evaluating Community Builder as an option, it is also worth considering that it is very rare to find a platform that supports both companies and individuals.  EBD group has built partnering360 on 10 years of company-based profiling, and are the experts in managing company accounts.  No one else does this, or has our experience of keeping this type of database relevant and organized in a way that supports true engagement across the life science industry.  So while you know who your member companies are, you can rely on partnering360’s Community Builder to help you find the individuals within those companies.  Instantly grow your local community by opting these people in. They can then extend the invitation to their colleagues, creating viral growth of your community.



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