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March 22, 2016 p360


We know that the clustering of companies and talent drives innovation and economic growth. We also know that regions, such as the Bay Area and Boston, US and Oxford, UK, that have collaboration among cluster companies generate higher levels of innovation, economic activity and wages.


This is why FlandersBIO came to EBD Group to develop a solution that can help them accelerate member collaboration, leading to higher levels of regional economic growth.


Aside from creating compelling longer term economic benefits for the Flanders region, FlandersBIO also faced operational challenges in supporting its membership requests. Every day FlandersBIO staff would play the part of private concierge to companies, helping them to connect with other members providing a sought-after expertise. Finding a way to streamline and automate this core activity would not only free up FlandersBIO staff to focus on other meaningful member activities, but provide a platform that can help sustain a growing level of economic activity.


FlandersBIO astutely recognized that EBD’s partnering360®, the online life science community of dealmakers, could provide a powerful basis for a connected and engaged FlandersBIO membership base. Indeed, given that most life science companies are already on partnering360, creating a tool that leverages partnering360’s critical mass of connected companies made a lot of sense.


Working closely with FlandersBIO, we created the new “Community Builder” tool, which can be used by any life science membership association to bring their members together online. What might people communicate about? Perhaps your member seeks legal counsel on a specialist subject? Or a scientist needs some advice on a new technique or where to buy (or borrow?) reagents or lab equipment?  Maybe you want to share with your members a news feed, a list of recommended events or discussion groups?  


The Community Builder tool aims to address all of these issues and more. Help your members collaborate locally, without having to design or join a whole new platform. With 32,000 users on partnering360, the majority of your members are probably already here and ready to find their next partner locally.


Stay tuned for more info as we move towards launch at BIO-Europe Spring®, Stockholm, April 4–6, 2016.



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