Cancer immunotherapies and nano-based delivery approaches sure to be hot topics in 2015

December 11, 2014 Erin Righetti

Cancer immunotherapies at Biotech ShowcaseA recent article published in the November 26, 2014 issue of Frontiers In Chemistry magazine discussed the performance and toxicity of various cancer immunotherapies, specifically monoclonal antibodies, immune adjuvants, vaccines and cell-based treatments, their differing delivery methods, and the potential future use of less toxic, more efficient emerging nano-based approaches suitable as cancer treatment options.

Nanosystems are designed to target immune molecules and cells and can therefore be more specific and less invasive than the traditional radiation and chemotherapy options. Nanodelivery systems work with, not against, the body’s immune system, and could be used in combination with other therapies to minimize negative effects.

Cancer is still the leading most fatal disease, globally, with “11.5 million deaths being predicted in 2030.” Nanodelivery systems could dramatically change future cancer treatment options. 2015 is expected to bring a revolutionary new generation of immunotherapies such as PD-1, PD-L1, CAR T-cell, CTLA4 and others with a large potential impact, both clinically and financially. This means big rewards for large pharma investors and biotech investors.

A compelling workshop called “The oncology watch list: Next gen immunotherapies” will take place January 14 at Biotech Showcase™ 2015 in San Francisco. The workshop will be moderated by Stephen M. Dunn, President and Senior Managing Director of Research at LifeTech Capital, with panel experts speaking on next generation immunotherapies and what to expect in 2015.

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