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August 10, 2015 Guest Contributor

Patricia okGuest post by Patricia Dauelsberg, Executive Manager, ASEMBIO

The emerging development of the biotechnological industry in Chile has drawn together representatives from The Chilean Association of Biotechnological Companies, ASEMBIO, with the support of ProChile, to lead the project of the sectoral brand ChileBiotech in the context of a public/private alliance.

The goal of the project is to take the achievements of the Latin American biotech market beyond our frontiers and boost its growth. The focus is on collaboration with the US to lead this sector in corporate investment and cross-border development.

The aim of the collaborative project is to create meeting spaces for companies at the national level as well as abroad, in order to cultivate alliances through business forums that promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

With this challenge in mind, Asembio has been active in supporting various industry fairs, activities and events which have been essential for positioning the brand and to generate networking.

Thanks to this work, we have been able to promote the image of our country, which ultimately reinforces competition and entrepreneurship for the local biotech and biosciences industry in Chile.

Through ChileBiotech, we hope to create growth and opportunities for companies in the sector so that new ventures, business areas and technologies within Chile may also arise and further open the market for new collaborations with global companies.

This will make it possible to highlight Chile as a country known for its biotechnological excellence in the eyes of international partners and regions.

Biolatam® 2015

A great milestone of the ChileBiotech brand will be the Biolatam 2015 event to be held in Santiago de Chile November 16–17.

Biolatam is Latin America’s most important biotechnological industry summit and one of the most renowned, internationally. It provides the perfect setting for one-to-one business development meetings, partnering, program offerings and an exhibition.

With Biolatam 2015, we hope to boost the development of business in the area of biotechnology within the region. The event is a draw for scholars, researchers, investors, and companies from within the biotechnology drug development sector, and for that reason, is the perfect opportunity for linking together the interests of science and business development.cropped-logo-head-asembioweb-2500blt15_banner_220x136


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