Connecting with partners is easier than ever with new features from partneringONE®

August 26, 2015 Erin Righetti

^BD1995A4FC1591F4CF9D8AB4C12E63C58E233DAFEBAE50DC7A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrpartneringONE® is the life science industry gold standard partnering system, and is the exclusive partnering platform at EBD Group events. The platform has recently added two new features designed to make it easier for event delegates to integrate their connections and improve workflow.


partneringONE users can now export their meeting agenda to their personal calendar. This feature, requested by event delegates and clients, allows a user to seamlessly add their partnering meetings to an existing calendar in order to better manage their overall schedule at an event.


Another new feature requested by clients is the ability to import a personal profile from LinkedIn into the partneringONE platform. Previously, new users had to create a new profile in partneringONE by cutting and pasting from another profile, or by creating a duplicate profile. Now, with a simple click, users can export selections from their LinkedIn personal profile, improving the depth of information available to potential partners and investors in partneringONE. This enhancement is also a benefit to companies in reinforcing their brand across platforms, an important factor in potential partnerships.

partneringONE is the leading conference networking solution. This fully integrated end-to-end solution turns any conference into a world-class partnering event. Partnering at EBD Group’s global life science events is facilitated by partneringONE, including:

  • BioPharm America™, the fastest growing partnering event in North America, September 15–17 in Boston;
  • BIO-Europe®,Europe’s largest life science partnering conferences, taking place in Munich Germany November 2–4;
  • Biolatam®, facilitating global life sciences partnering in Latin America, November 16–17 in Santiago, Chile; and
  • Biotech Showcase™, a unique forum in San Francisco for presenting to investors and business, January 11–13.


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