Deal valuations still sizable and growing according to report

March 25, 2015 Guest Contributor

SGuest post by Surani Fernando, Acting Editor at BioPharm Insight

BioPharm Insight‘s (BPI) licensing report, compiled by Afsan Khan, analyst at BPI, captures pharma licensing deal values and volumes in 4Q14. The report gives an overview of which indications and geographies generated the most deal traction, trends on when companies are executing agreements and which deal types and structures were most favored. The number of deals in 4Q14 dropped compared to 3Q14 with 105 vs. 125 licensing agreements signed, but deal valuations were still sizable and growing with an aggregate value at nearly USD 13.6 billion.

Big pharma’s hunger for late stage pipeline boosters looks set to continue, and risk-sharing discovery stage deals are becoming increasingly popular across large and mid-tier companies.  Oncology assets still continue to drive the most deal activity—a trend that looks set to continue. Spikes in hormonal and infectious diseases deals could generate more deal traction in 2015.

Please click here for the 4Q2014 licensing report. Our 1Q15 will be coming out next month, to request the report please click here.

Report compiled in collaboration with Afsan Khan, Analyst at BioPharm Insight.BPI_vertical


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