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December 3, 2015 Erin Righetti

Biotech Showcase 2016

“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”

– Elon Musk


Often toughest to retrieve, collecting delegate feedback is a critical part of planning and executing successful future events. EBD Group life science partnering events have grown up with the industry, starting from simple tables set up in a hotel room, to the sophisticated global events they are today. In case you missed it, after every single one of our events, we send out an evaluation requesting your feedback, often with rewards.


Most recently, our evaluation form requesting feedback from BIO-Europe® 2015 held in Munich, Germany this past November offered a EUR/USD 50 Amazon gift card to three responders of our event evaluation form. The winners of those gift cards were selected at random:

  • Colin Moran, Director of Business Development,  Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
  • Chelsea Ranger, Chief Business Development Officer, AMRA (Advanced MR Analytics AB) (Linköping, Sweden)
  • Qaisar Rafiq, Director of Business Development, Chiltern International (Slough, UK)


Be assured, your responses are taken seriously by our team and we are constantly trying to improve your partnering event experience. We welcome your feedback anytime, whether it be on our events, our news channels including this Blog and our partnering360®:Insight page, or our partneringONE® services. We love to hear from you.


The most interesting part for us is that the majority of responses we receive are positive. Really! To give you an idea of the types of responses we receive and value, we have reprinted just a few here for you to read.


What other features or functionalities would you like to see incorporated into our partneringONE® software?

  • I think the partnering system is excellent in planning and rescheduling meetings, the only way I envision an improvement is when successive meetings are scheduled in close proximity, as now it happens that one meeting is in the blue area and the next one in the yellow, resulting in lengthy walks. Otherwise excellent!
  • It is a bit annoying that companies do not read the profile and you get invitation for meetings you clearly mention in the profile that we are not looking for such meetings. But this is not a problem of the organizer but a general behavior of the attending companies.
  • I would like that diagnostic companies have their own group rather than be included with therapeutic companies.
  • A chance of viewing the company presentation while writing the partnering invitation would be nice.
  • I love the new function that scheduled Meetings are now sent by email with *.ics file to be integrated into my calendar. Thx!
  • A few people commented that it was hard to hear when the 30 minutes was over. A bellringer was quite effective in times gone by.
  • The partnering tool is excellent.  
  • I think the partnering software is outstanding. It works very well on my iPhone 6 and even alerted me that I had an open session when I tried to logon again.


What were your objectives for BIO-Europe? Did the event fulfill your needs?

  • Contact potential licensees and VC. Yes
  • Yes, new partnerships, good informal meetings also in a very good exhibition hall.
  • Take existing dialogues further and generate new leads: both fulfilled.
  • Catching-up with existing contacts and making new ones so yes the event fulfilled my needs.
  • To meet Pharma-partnership executives.  I was able to meet very many across all sizes of pharma business and pharma focused VCs.
  • Grow business. I am confident it will help.
  • I have recently become Chairman of the Board of a startup immuno-oncology company and I wanted to see the CEO in action to see how best to coach him and to learn more about the value proposition of the company. So I attended his platform talk and his partnering meetings with big pharma. In addition, I was able to informally connect with many people I know in Europe and the US.
  • Networking. Making new contacts to potential new customers. Goal achieved.
  • Our objectives were to find partners to out-licensing our technologies and all the major companies were present there.
  • Objective was to increase my company exposure and meet with others who could benefit from our service. We had achieved this by the end of the event.
  • To meet potential customers.  Maybe. Let’s wait and see.


Congratulations to our Amazon gift card winners! And thank you all for your participation and feedback. If you are attending Biotech Showcase™ 2016 in San Francisco this January, we look forward to hearing from you after the event!

Biotech Showcase 2016


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