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December 23, 2015 Guest Contributor

Digital Health Showcase 2016

Guest post from Constantine Theodoropulos, Editor, partnering360:Insight

The convergence between technology and medicine is poised to have a profound effect on healthcare which will impact all of the stakeholders in the healthcare system including physicians, payers, pharma companies, and patients. Called “digital health,” this field is evolving fast and creating powerful opportunities to positively impact patient health and the bottom lines of innovators across the healthcare value chain.


The outline of digital health’s promise to automate, continuously record, analyze and share standardized physiological and biological data is catching the attention of professional and strategic investors alike. In 2014, digital health investments grew to USD 6.5 billion from USD 2.9 billion a year earlier. As a sign of this momentum, new cross industry collaborations are being formed, such as the one between Novartis-Qualcomm, in hopes of establishing future leadership positions in the coming era of digital health.



Yarmela Pavlovic, Partner, Hogan Lovells

“In many ways 2015 proved to be a seminal year in digital health as we began to see a rapid increase in development of new technology and the original promise of digital health technology translate truly innovative concepts,” said Yarmela Pavlovic, Partner, Hogan Lovells. “A great example of this is increasing investment by the pharmaceutical industry in ‘beyond the pill’ offerings that leverage capture and analysis of mobile data, medical devices, health IT, big data and the Internet of Everything to improve patient disease management.”


“There will be no better place to gauge the development and the opportunities being created by the intersection of technology and medicine than at the Digital Health Showcase 2016.”


Digital Health Showcase will feature insights and advice from key opinion leaders and presentations from a curated group of innovative digital medicine companies. The event incorporates workshops on financing, the regulatory landscape and partnerships between big pharma and digital medicine.


“For investors and industry stakeholders, the line up of presenting companies will offer a compelling picture of the innovations and their applications in the field. The workshops will show where the money is being invested today and who is likely to get funded tomorrow. And the plenary session will describe the ‘state-of-the-industry,’ a baseline from which companies can grow and attract vital funding.”


Pavlovic will be moderating the “State of the Industry Report: Digital Health: At the intersection of technology and medicine,” at the Digital Health Showcase event in San Francisco on January 13. She will be joined by Vivek Bhatt – Chief Technology Officer, GE Healthcare Life Care; Eric Elenko – Executive VP, Science and Technology, PureTech; and Kevin McRaith – CEO, WellDoc, who will discuss this emerging sector and its future trajectory. Digital Health Showcase is a one-day event during Biotech Showcase™ 2016.

Digital Health Showcase 2016


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