EBD Group’s partnering community reaches 36,000+ members

September 30, 2016 Kymberly Drake

Organic partnerships, dealmaking and licensing opportunities are hard won in this industry. The sheer time and resources it takes to build relationships and formulate quality business deals can be an exhaustive process.

That’s where EBD Group’s digital partnering applications have bridged the gap.

The Early Days

What started out nearly two decades ago as a system to facilitate networking opportunities at specific EBD Group industry conferences, has now become a robust, 24/7 world-class online solution with more than 36,000 engaged online members actively seeking to form quality relationships and deals within the industry.  

From the outset, EBD Group’s partnering platform was mainly focused on allowing members to easily set up networking meetings at specific conferences.

“There wasn’t a formal, systematic way for people to set up meetings at our conferences,” said Lisa Methley, EBD Group’s Senior Director of Online Strategy. “So what was once a huge whiteboard at conferences where attendees would write in their meeting times became a spreadsheet system that we managed for members prior to each conference. Then everything changed when we introduced the web-based networking solution.”

The Dealmaker

The more the industry used the networking platform, the more apparent it became that people were seeking licensing opportunities as much as networking.

Over the years, a more all-encompassing version was developed to offer industry members a means to engage with each other, build a network of peers, discuss specific topics, collaborate, and ultimately make deals that skyrocketed their businesses.

One of the key functionalities was a new “Licensing Opportunities” search function, which provides members with 24/7 access to:

  • 17.000+ licensing opportunities
  • 17,000+ companies to meet with at conferences
  • 36,000+ members

In addition, users can:

  • Search for people, companies for licensing opportunities by industry and global regions
  • Showcase their assets with company profiles, attached documents, and important links, as well as to press releases, YouTube videos and company logos
  • Highlight themselves by importing their LinkedIn business profiles, network, and feed
  • Register with one-click functionality and access event information, and set up alerts through one-click functionality
  • Receive emails post-event reminding them that an archive of pertinent information is available
  • Set up watchlists of any profile or saved search and receive email notifications of status changes or the newest licensing opportunities
  • Access to premium industry content on EBD Group’s Insight blog
  • Set up public, member-only, or private groups
  • Receive recommendations for companies and people to meet with and referral to relevant content based on their behavioral data and network

Carlos N. Velez, Managing Partner at Lacerta Bio in New York, has been using EBD Group’s partnering platform since 2011.

Velez said from a networking perspective, the solution is a valuable tool to formulate relationships at conferences and explore business opportunities that he and his company might not have been exposed to otherwise.

“From a networking perspective, the application is valuable because once a connection is made, you can monitor the status of an asset or an individual through the updates and watch lists,” he said. “It also helps you prepare for conferences by enabling you to go back in time to see where else a specific individual or asset has been marketed at a prior conference. Lastly, it is valuable to help reconnect individuals by enabling you to reference a meeting at a prior conference.”

For more information about EBD Group’s partnering solutions, visit EBD Group’s partnering page.







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