Getting in on the ground floor

April 21, 2015 Erin Righetti

iStock_000007730863_LargeEveryone has heard it said by successful people: “I got in on the ground floor.” I could kick myself for not doing so when Apple was a young company—not only in terms of investing in one company, but investing in a vision that has the potential to transform an entire market.

When I was young, we had tape recorders. The best setup you could hope for in 1977 was to have a small stereo tape player with a headset, and play your tape while riding your bicycle around the neighborhood. Mine was mono, not stereo, but it was music. You pretty much had to commit to one sound for the afternoon if you were mobile, because carrying all those cassette tapes around was serious luggage. But at least it was mobile music, or a version of it.

Enter 1979 and the arrival of the Sony Walkman in stores.  Nearly overnight, the way we not only played music but experienced music changed. The Walkman transformed music as a thing to be enjoyed in any setting. You could go anywhere, you could jog, you could put it in your backpack. You could have music whenever and wherever you wanted it. It was the start of a music revolution that gave way to iPods, Napster, Pandora, and more. Entire sub-industries were created.

So what does music have to do with medical devices?

What if I told you that right now, in the medical devices field, there were technological innovations being developed that could not only change healthcare, but change the entire playing field. What if you partnered with a company whose technology not only helped to treat one disease, but could potentially change the way we treat all diseases? What if you could “get in on the ground floor” of these innovative companies, feeding a huge and growing market hungry for these medtech advances to become available?

Medtech Partnering Forum is the only dedicated medical device partnering event in Japan. The event, held in Tokyo May 28–29, 2015, will bring leading life science executives and decision makers to Tokyo to participate in one-to-one partnering meetings with innovative medtech companies. Japan is the largest market for medical devices in Asia (the Japanese spend more on healthcare than China), and the second largest medical device market in the world, behind only the USA. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor, to find partners to help develop an innovative technology, and to be part of something potentially transformative. If that sounds like music to your ears, register nowMPF15_ALLBANNERS_150x75


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