Leveraging a social platform for your members

March 29, 2016 p360


Social engagement tools and platforms, such as LinkedIn, have transformed many aspects of professional life. Adapting such “social” approaches to the specific needs of vertical industries is the next wave in social engagement tools. Our partnering360® platform is a perfect case in point, where we bring the business development strata of the life science industry into a virtual marketplace of tradable assets and ideas.


We are now adding a refinement to this community for the benefit of associations around the world. We call it “Community Builder,” where an association’s membership can have a distinct arena to engage and ultimately do business. Using Community Builder, it will be easier than ever before for your members find and source relevant expertise from across your entire value chain. Working closely with FlandersBIO in the development of Community Builder, our tool meets the exacting requirements of an association.


Getting started:

It’s a super easy startup for your own Community Builder because your members are already profiled on partnering360 through their attendance at partnering events around the world. No need to complete a new profile or create a new account. Just funnel the companies on partnering360 who belong to your association into your Community Builder to reach a higher level of membership engagement and, ultimately, economic activity. This compelling fact was why FlandersBIO chose to work with EBD Group to create this specialized tool.


How it works:

When submitting a request for proposals or asking an open question, your members will be able to select the categories of companies that are best placed to respond. Looking for a lawyer? Select the Professional Services category and Lawyer subcategory. The request will be emailed out to all your Community Builder members in this category. Not only does this expedite the search for expertise, but it also encourages your members to keep their profiles up to date.


And for the lawyer receiving the request, they can easily respond directly to the requestor, even if the requestor elected to post anonymously. All your non-lawyer members can also see the request on the Community Builder wall, allowing them to also respond, perhaps with a recommendation.


Because profiles on partnering360 are constantly being updated from partneringONE® and partneringLITE™ events, all profiles are constantly being enriched, which further refines the ability of your members to find the right partners locally. Build your local community on the back of the p360 global community.


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