MediSapiens and Mediconomics look to collaboration for growth

October 17, 2014 Erin Righetti

shutterstock_166331528To gear up for BIO-Europe®, our team at Insight has spoken with some of the companies coming to the event early next month to see what they’re doing and who they’re looking to meet with at the event.

Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC), one of a few fully integrated drug discovery organizations in Europe, comes to BIO-Europe looking for innovators in oncology and infectious diseases. Previous successes of the company include successfully getting a H1N1 flue vaccine to a Phase I clinical trial. Find out more about their recent successes, including an academic collaboration with Duke, at Insight.

MediSapiens focuses on organizing the large amounts of data that come out of life sciences. They present opportunities that allow companies to analyze their data in scientific, visible ways – often opening up new data analysis that isn’t possible in pages and pages of excel data. This is especially useful for small to midsize pharma companies who are looking for ways to capture and analyze data in the genomics space. And how can the data analysis be customized for clinical trials? Find out at Insight.

Mediconomics, a CRO, is a company with many skills.  Not only do they specialize in clinical trials from Phase I to Phase IV all while making sure the data collected has the ability to meet the challenges of clinical requirements across the globe from Germany to the US and beyond.  What else do they have in their portfolio?  Head to Insight to find out.

Are you ready to meet your future partner at BIO-Europe?  Register to join us this November 3-5 in Frankfurt and begin requesting your meetings today!


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