Nanomedicine Award winners announced at BIO-Europe® 2015 in Munich this week

November 4, 2015 Erin Righetti


L to R: Erin Righetti of EBD Group; Alexandre Ceccaldi, PhD of ETPN, Bernd Muehlenweg, PhD, of Nanobiotix SA; Andrea Hanefeld, PhD, of Merck; and Lawrence D. Mayer, PhD, of Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The second edition of the Nanomedicine Award ceremony took place On November 3, 2015, at BIO-Europe® 2015 in Munich, Germany. The European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine (ETPN) and the EU-funded consortium, ENATRANS, presented the Nanomedicine Award to honor the best international nanomedicine innovations for 2015. The ceremony was part of a special panel called “Innovative funding for SMEs in Europe and Nanomedicine Award Ceremony.”


The goal of the Award is to promote and reward two excellent innovative nanomedicine-based solutions that could help physicians change the way diseases are treated and diagnosed, bringing significant benefits to patients.


Congratulations to the winners:

  • The Best Nanomedicine Early Stage Product was awarded to Dr. Andrea Hanefeld, Associate Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Incubator, President’s Office, Merck for inhalable chitosan-based nano-in-microparticles for mucosal therapeutic vaccination.


  • The Best Nanomedicine Product/Deal was awarded to Lawrence D. Mayer, PhD, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Celator Pharmaceuticals Inc. for CPX-351, a novel synergistic fixed-ratio liposome formulation co-encapsulating Cytarabine and Daunorubien, which increases the survival of patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.


The award was presented by Alexandre Ceccaldi, PhD, General Secretary of the ETPN (European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine), with Bernd Muehlenweg, PhD, Business Development Manager, Nanobiotix SA.


The Award is supported by EBD Group, the leading partnering firm for the global life science industry; the Nanomedicines Alliance, the US-based consortium dedicated to promoting and facilitating the scientific advancement, regulatory approval, and public appreciation of nanotechnology-based medicines; and Nanobiotix, a late clinical-stage nanomedicine company pioneering novel approaches for the local treatment of cancer.


Winners will benefit from a full registration (including partnering) for BIO-Europe 2015 and a 10-minute project presentation during the Conference. The winning projects will also be granted a presentation during the ETPN General Assembly 2016, along with one year’s free ETPN membership and a consulting action by the experts from the Translation Advisory Board (TAB). The winners will gain visibility with EU decision makers from pharma industry, academia, finance and media.


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