partneringONE® transforms delegate interaction at leading global events, unveils new features

March 11, 2016 p360


From pre-clinical research collaborations to late-stage development and global commercialization deals, every partnering strategy begins with a meeting of minds—a combination of scientific capabilities with value-enhancing business development opportunities. partneringONE® was created solely for the purpose of launching these conversations. partneringONE® is EBD Group’s sophisticated, web-based partnering system that allows delegates at conferences to efficiently identify, pre-schedule meetings and eventually get partnerships started with companies across the life science value chain.


Today we’re introducing an enhancement to partneringONE®, designed to improve the user experience when combing through dozens of search results and profile pages.


New features: Hide and exclude

The new “hide” and “exclude” features allow users to indicate that a profile is not of interest or relevance and should thus no longer be included in future search results—think of it as the opposite of “bookmark.”


Users can hide or exclude search results in all search categories—companies, licensing opportunities and delegates.


How to use

A click on the blue “Hide” button offers two options:


  1. Hide: Hiding the search item will prevent it from showing up in future search results unless there is an update to the item.
  2. Exclude: Excluding the search item will exclude the item from future searches, regardless of future updates.


An update is defined as follows:


  1. For a hidden company: Company adds a new licensing opportunity or delegate
  2. For a hidden delegate: Delegate’s company adds a new licensing opportunity or delegate
  3. For a hidden licensing opportunity: Company of the hidden product or technology adds a new licensing opp, or a new delegate


Remove an item from the hidden/excluded list

Company back on your radar? A hidden or excluded search item can once again appear in your search results when you remove it from your hidden/excluded list. Access your “Overview of Hidden/Excluded Profiles” under the Bookmarks tab to delete individual search items.


Attending an event using partneringONE? Try out the new feature now!

If partnering has opened for your next event, log in now to access the system and try out the new feature.


Contributed by Margaret Chiu for partnering360®


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