Pfizer Chile’s Gloria Maldonado explains the value of life science partnering opportunities in Latin America

November 10, 2015 Erin Righetti

Gloria Maldonado - Pfizer Chile

Gloria Maldonado of Pfizer Chile

Biolatam® 2015 global life science partnering event takes place in Chile in just one week, and will welcome a wide audience made up of pharma dealmakers, innovative and interesting biotech companies and a variety of new partners. There are vast opportunities for companies in the space, as evidenced by the presence of large pharmaceutical companies in Latin America. We recently interviewed Gloria Maldonado, Executive Director of Precision Medicine Center of Excellence at Pfizer Chile to find out why Pfizer maintains a presence in the region.

pN: How does Pfizer view the Latin American market: as a potential large market for its products, a burgeoning R&D sector developing New Molecular Entities (NME), or both?

GM: I would say both; however, from where I stand, I want to focus on speaking about the Latin American market as fertile ground for R&D development. For example, this past July, Pfizer inaugurated its Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine (CEMP, for its acronym in Spanish). The center is the first of its kind in the region and a joint partnership with the Chilean government, with the support of the Chilean Economic Development Agency’s (Corfo) program to attract international Centers of Excellence. I truly believe that countries such as Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia are among the great places we have in the region to further develop life sciences projects. I am proud that my company recognizes the value that Latin America brings to the industry.  


pN: With a presence in Chile since 1959, Pfizer has been both one of the first movers and one of the most active healthcare companies in the region. What type of relationships has Pfizer developed with Chile over the years?

GM: We are incredibly proud of our presence in the region, which spans over 60 years. In Chile, specifically, we have strong partnerships with many key stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including local chambers of commerce such as The Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce, and trade unions such as the Pharmaceutical Innovation Chamber.


pN: There are sure to be many companies attending Biolatam eager to learn what Pfizer’s partnering strategy is and what type of products you seek. Can you fill us in?

GM: Pfizer’s top priority is to develop innovative therapies that improve and prolong the lives of patients. Our precision medicine center in Chile illustrates that commitment in a very definite way, especially if one considers that precision medicine offers one of the best opportunities we have to develop medicines that have a greater positive impact on patients. In terms of strategic partnerships, we are always seeking opportunities with scientists, institutions, academia, and others that lead to our goal of advancing science in a meaningful way for patients.


pN: Pfizer recently announced a collaboration with the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO) to establish an International Center of Excellence for biomolecular investigation. Can you tell about this?

GM: We are incredibly proud of the work being conducted at the Center. In its first stage, our research will focus on the field of lung oncology, seeking to validate new technologies of molecular cancer diagnosis that are more exact and less invasive. The studies conducted at the Center will comply with the strictest protocols and international standards required for the approval of new technologies by international regulatory agencies.


pN: What are Pfizer’s goals and expectations for Biolatam?

GM: During the Biolatam conference, we look forward to interacting with other leading biotechnology stakeholders from around the globe to discuss trends, the industry’s challenges and opportunities, and learn from other companies’ presentations. Our time here will also be valuable in connecting us with other potential partners, especially as it relates to opportunities in the Latin American market.


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