Why does your company need a press release to announce participation in an upcoming event?

December 21, 2015 Erin Righetti

Biotech Showcase 2016In a digital world, do press releases still have relevance? Before social media took over as the top source for breaking news, the telegraph ruled, driven to prominence during the 1800s to meet public demand for news from the battlefront. Out of this new technology The Associated Press was born, and the wire services dominated as the top way to get a story lead to journalists.


Again, you ask yourself, is the press release dead? No, I would argue that it is more relevant now than ever as a trusted source for journalists. Social media is fast, timely and widely available, but how much of what you read on social media channels already contains “spin” by the time you read it? And once posted, many journalists and news outlets are less likely to pick up the story. As well, social media craves the exciting and new, and conventional press releases may be too traditional, or too packed with real information, for these outlets.


Lest you think enticing the press has lost its relevance, just ask yourself what foods you’re eating and not eating these days, what you think about current political candidates, what sport is caught in scandal this week, or what medicines you’re betting on to treat your illnesses, and you’ll realize you read it or saw it in the news.


If you are presenting or exhibiting at an upcoming life science partnering event, or if you are expecting to announce a buyout, M&A, a new fund or expansion, the press release, or digital release as it is called today, is your best option. PR Newswire is a premier outlet for this. Press releases force companies to encapsulate their message, to fact check, to present an accurate and snappy description of what, where, when, why and how. Announcing your participation via press release can give advance notice to potential partners about your focus, your assets and technologies, your current opportunities, and your openness to meet with new partners at an event. For example, for an event with 250 presenting companies, 100 exhibitors, and perhaps 1,200 companies attending, your best strategy should include a mention in the news ahead of the event. Investors skimming through lists of meeting requests or deciding which presentations to attend may have already earmarked your company if they already read about you in the news.


Biotech Showcase press

Digital news releases get your news or announcement directly to your targeted list of journalists. Not only that, the minute it is published it becomes a public, searchable document. Releases are still the top method for public companies to adhere to SEC regulations to convey information to investors. For the biopharma industry, press releases can be necessary to convey research findings, milestones, and highly technical results to a general audience, thus creating a digestible story for journalists. A service like PR Newswire will even enable you to upload photos, documents and company information using a custom page on Virtual Press Office. And they will even do the social media for you, by providing easy to share links for your social channels.


Attendees of EBD Group events can directly benefit from our partnership with Virtual Press Office/PR Newswire to access a suite of options to help raise your visibility. Take a look at the specially designed options for Biotech Showcase™ in January.


So, is the press release still relevant? As a top source to reach new markets, announce news, package a digestible story for journalists, entice investors and partners, convey research findings and company milestones, and to get new about your company out ahead of an event, I would say that the press release is alive and going strong as a key strategy to increase your company’s visibility.


Read more about the effectiveness of press releases on the PR Newswire blog “Beyond PR.”


*Virtual Press Office/PR Newswire is a silver sponsor of Biotech Showcase 2016.

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