Avir BD execs on innovative meds for Canadians

May 9, 2017 Christoph Graener

Located in Quebec, Canada, Avir Pharma, a specialty pharma company, is part of the Laboratoire Riva group. Its primary focus is to acquire, license or co-develop innovative medicines with an end aim of getting these novel medicines launched and available to Canadian patients. Avir’s business development associate, Vanessa Fortin, and VP of business development, Kaled Kadri, chat to Scrip about the company’s commercial strategy and key therapy areas of focus. Kadir also discusses reimbursement differences in the Canadian pharmaceutical market and why a business model focused on commercialization, not R&D, works in this region.

Interviewer:Lucie Ellis – Senior Writer, Pharma Intelligence In Vivo/Pink Sheet/Scrip

  • Kaled Kadri – VP Business Development, Avir Pharma
  • Vanessa Fortin – Associate Business Development, Avir Pharma

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