Chronic constipation device impresses judges in startup competition

April 12, 2017 Christoph Graener

usMIMA is a team of scientists and engineers that has developed a solution for chronic constipation. The group won second place in BIO-Europe Spring’s 2017 Healthtech Startup competition. MowoOT is for use in people with chronic constipation; for example, those with spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis. The device, a small console that administers a colon-specific abdominal massage, is already on the market in Spain and is expected to be launched in several other European countries throughout 2017.

Interviewer: Lucie Ellis – Senior Writer, Pharma Intelligence In Vivo/Pink Sheet/Scrip
Interviewee: Markus Wilhelms – CEO and Co-Founder, usMIMA

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