Flexion gears up to commercialize Zilretta

January 26, 2017 Christoph Graener

Following submission of new drug application of Zilretta (FX006) for knee osteoarthritis in mid-December 2016, Flexion Therapeutics CEO Mike Clayman is hoping for priority review of the filing, in addition to fast track status. Zilretta is an extended release formulation of the triamcinolone acetonide. Steroid injection is a common treatment, but pain relief wanes after two to four weeks. Competing against generic steroids, which cost only USD 10–20 per dose, presents a big commercial challenge however. In an interview at Biotech Showcase, Clayman explains the rationale for pricing a long-acting steroid at USD 500 per dose and the company’s commercial strategy.

Interviewer: Emily Hayes – Senior Writer, Scrip and The Pink Sheet
Interviewee: Mike Clayman – CEO and Co-Founder, Flexion Therapeutics

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