Korean pharma spawns US cancer biotech startup

May 9, 2017 Christoph Graener

HanAll, a Korean generics and drug reformulation business, has established a US biotech based on research it funded to utilize cellular metabolism to develop novel and immuno-oncology therapies. Dr. Benjamin R Cowen, COO of ImmunoMet Therapeutics, reveals how the Houston-based startup is developing OXPHOS inhibitors to treat drug resistant and relapse cancers. Immunomet anticipates putting its lead program, IM156, into Phase I trials in June 2017. The molecule has shown impressive in vivo efficacy in resistant brain and lung tumors. A second program, IM188, which is being developed in combination with immunotherapies, including an anti-PD-1, is in late stage optimization and has demonstrated tumor regression in a renal cancer model. The company has now established itself at the JLABs facility, adjacent to MD Anderson, one of the world’s leading cancer research centers. The company is starting discussions with potential partners for both of its programs and intends to raise additional funds in a series C round by the end of 2017.

Interviewer: Mike Ward – Global Director of Content, Informa Pharma Insights
Interviewee: Benjamin R. Cowen – Chief Operating Officer, ImmunoMet Therapeutics

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