Producing monoclonals for at least a tenth of the cost

May 9, 2017 Christoph Graener

Dutch antibody technology company BiosanaPharma is offering to make monoclonal antibodies at between 5% and 10% the usual cost of manufacture. Dr. Nettie Buitelaar, the company’s chief business officer, told Scrip’s Mike Ward that the company will license the technology to others making innovative molecules, helping others complete development of monoclonals, while retaining exclusive use for biosimilar production. BiosanaPharma has made a conscious decision not to focus its biosimilars activity on blockbuster monoclonals but on others that have fewer competitors than the best-selling biologics. “Our lead program is omalizumab—a biosimilar version of Xolair, Roche’s monoclonal antibody treatment of allergic asthma and urticarial. Not too many companies are offering a biosimilar to this drug, especially not to FDA or EMA quality,” she added.

Interviewer: Mike Ward – Global Director of Content, Informa Pharma Insights
Interviewee: Nettie Buitelaar – Chief Business Officer, BiosanaPharma

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